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Goodnight Sunrise Stopping, Dropping and Rolling to a Hot Topic Near You!

In one of the more successful marketing campaigns in music over the past 10 years Hot Topic and alternative (emo/punk) labels have joined forces to bring music directly to the fans. For many people, traveling to a large city like New York or Los Angeles is simply not an option and for that reason the musicians must be brought to the fans.

One of the bands taking part in this program is Goodnight Sunrise who are touring Hot Topic stores playing acoustic sets and promoting their latest album “Stop, Drop & Roll.” Personally I think this idea is a great way to introduce fans to live music and new music all at the same time. In a Twitter post earlier today the band stated that they were on their way to a Hot Topic show in Scottsdale, Arizona. Although this town is located only about a half hour outside Phoenix, other Hot Topic shows will be held in states such as Nebraska and Iowa. Just in case you missed the memo, these states are not exactly known for their rich music scenes.

On a local level bands such as Goodnight Sunrise are helping to inspire young musicians all over the country by actually meeting the fans and putting a real person behind the music these kids love. The new album by Goodnight Sunrise is a really nice blend of pop rock and great musicianship. One thing that stands out clearly for this band is their ability to understand harmony within the songs they play and although the album didn’t blow me away it gives the band a lot of room to grow.

A grass roots tour (the Hot Topic tour in this case) has the potential to really help a band at this level grow. As the years pass the kids who saw the band perform acoustically inside their local mall will continue to follow the band as they grow in hopes of one day purchasing tickets to see them rock a sold out show. Oh how we breed our fans from the youngest ages!!

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