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The Truth About Music Release Radar: June 30th, 2009

Another week and another pretty lame trip to your local record store. Although there might be a few hidden gems this week nothing seems to call my name. There is only one album that I legitimately want to hear this week and that is “Cradlesong,” the follow-up album from former Matchbox 20 front-man Rob Thomas. I probably only want to hear this album in hopes that he will rekindle the spark and have a fun reunion tour with the band sometime in 2010 but either way he writes good songs on his own.

After Thomas there is nothing else that interests me. Moby is releasing “Wait For Me,” and Bjork is releasing “Voltaic,” and I couldn’t care less. Time and time again I have been unimpressed by these two bands (and for their sake I will admit the genre’s are not my cup of tea). Killswitch Engage is releasing their fifth studio album and someone thought it would be fun to self title the album “Killswitch Engage.” I’m not against this necessarily but here’s the problem, this is the second time they have self titled an album!!

Just in case none of that looks appealing here are a few more albums out today:
Suicide Silence release “No Time To Bleed”
Widespread Panic release “Huntsville”
Wu-Tang Clan release “Chamber Music”
Atlantics release “Power Pop”

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  • Comment by David posted July 01, 2009 at 22:25

    i didn't realize how wide ranging and good an artist rob thomas was until 95.5 started playing his songs almost consistently leading up to they're live with rob thomas event tonight. just looking at what hes done solo: lonely no more, how a heart breaks, (that great song off of the end of meet the robinsons) little wonders, ever the same, her diamonds. then of course when he teamed up with santana: (the grammy award winning) smooth. then everything hes done with mb20: 3am, unwell, disease, bent, how far weve come. and on all that hes teamed up with/written for so many other artists. over all hes an amazing, and somehow overlooked, singer songwriter. ill be looking into this new album, and some of his back catelog–because its really good stuff.