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The Matrix of Leadership

As I’ve been warned in the past, this post probably will contain some spoilers but I will try to reveal as little as possible. For those of you still confused about the title the Matrix of Leadership refers to a sacred artifact which appeared in the new Transformers movie “Revenge of the Fallen.” Going into the movie I did zero research unlike the first time I saw the original movie (two summers ago). This lack of research led to some really great surprises and definitely gave me a better experience.

(Warning: The following paragraph is extremely nerdy of me and if you choose to skip it you will not be at fault. If you have seen Star Wars over 20 times and can recite any full scene from Lord of the Rings, you may not skip this paragraph). The title of this article really says it all to me. If you never saw the original cartoon series, or better yet, the original movie (1986) The Matrix of Leadership was stored in Optimus Primes chest and passed from Autobot leader to Autobot leader. Although the idea was slightly changed in the movie it’s purpose was the same. The Matrix of Leadership will “Light out darkest hour,” as the original movie quoted and in Michael Bay’s 2009 movie it did just that, reviving Optimus Prime at a time when only he could save the planet. Among the other nerdy elements I loved about this movie were the continuing saga between Megatron and Starscream which is completely concurrent with the cartoon and the idea that they were searching for energon, instead of some cube.

Ok back to the more street friendly vocabulary. There are a few gripes I had with Michael Bay although I think he did a fantastic job with this movie (20-40 times better than the original two years ago). First, can we set the major battles in a place other than a dessert? It seemed that the battle towards the beginning of the 2007 movie was exactly the same scene as the huge one at the end of the 2009 movie. Also, anyone who has scene Bay’s “Armageddon,” recognized the scene with the spiky foam blocks because it happen already.

Despite these minor flaws, Bay did an excellent job in slowing down the action and bringing the camera angles back a little bit. This allowed you to actually follow the fast paced battles and keep track of where people were. Also, I loved the fact that they took one of the best characters from the cartoon Soundwave, and turned him into a satellite. In the cartoons he was a boom-box but in keeping with the 21st century, it was smart to make the ultimate communicator a satellite.

Overall this movie was excellent, a fast paced movie that really blew the first movie out of the water. The only problem I have is that if you are not a Transformers fan, you might not A. Get it, or B. Care. The movie caters to the die hard fans dropping a lot of old-school references, things that gave me goose-bumps, most people probably just couldn’t care less about.

Here’s what Bay needs in the third installment:

  • Kill off both Optimus Prime and Megatron
  • Introduce Galvetron to replace Megatron
  • Introduce Ultra-Magnus and Hot Rod to replace Optimus Prime
  • Show an epic battle between the Dyno Bots and Devastator¬†
  • Take the movie off Earth for at least some portion, possibly introducing Unicron (A planet eating robot)
  • More Megan Fox (why not right?)

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  • Comment by Jpc729 posted June 25, 2009 at 23:02

    I agree I think it actually was the same exact set of the village in the desert… And the foam blocks definitely were in armagedon