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The Greatest TV Show Ever…NOT!!

I’m sorry for all of these Twitter like short posts but things keep hitting me and this one smacked me in the face. Just before heading to work I was hoping to catch a few moments of the Yankees vs. Mets game. As all Sunday games are for the Mets, the game was on the CW11 and I tuned in a few minutes early. To my horror a show called “Degrassi,” was on and I think I am now scarred for life.

Over the 3 minutes I was watching, I experienced some of the worst acting I had ever seen, paired with equally horrific writing. It makes me think that most stuffed animals and and other inanimate objects could also be TV writers. Either way, I would avoid that show at all costs unless you want a good laugh. If that is the case, please watch a full episode and then check back with me. Thank you CW11 for broadcasting such crappy television. Must be why they are in last place.

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  • Comment by Edmund O'Neill posted June 14, 2009 at 13:09

    Degrassi is probably the best show ever. It's beyond hilarious.

    Of course, it's Canadian.