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Harris’ Song of the Week: Green Light by John Legend

In order for John Legend to take the largest leap of his career he employed Outcasts Andre 3000 as he moved into the realm of techno/hip hop. “Green Light,” which features the Outcast singer is my song of the week simply because of the opening line. With quiet on the set John sings “Give me the green light, Give me just one night, I’m ready to go right now,” and that’s all it took.

For some reason I have been singing that line to myself all night and cannot get it out of my head. You might of first heard the song if you have been to Citi Field in Flushing to see a Mets game in 2009. Just before the Mets take the field that opening is played in a remix style and really does a great job firing up the crowd.

Regardless of it’s placement the combination of an upbeat song, Andre 3000′s rap style and John Legends tremendous vocals combine for an incredible song worthy of your playlist.

To see the music video (which is fantastic) for “Green Light,” by John Legend check out YouTube

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