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The Truth About Music Release Radar: June 9th, 2009

Although there are quite a number of albums coming out today, there really is only one thing I am excited about, “Boom Boom Boom.” The Black Eyed Peas will release their fifth studio album, four years after “Monkey Business,” which will be called “The E.N.D.” The only reason I am excited about this album is because of “Boom Boom Pow,” which is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a while. Although many people dismiss it as cheesy I think Will I Am and the rest of the crew did a fantastic song in the production of this dance hit.

Sonic Youth is also releasing “Eternal,” today which Eric Danton (music writer for the Hartford Courant) called “among the bands best ever,” on twitter this morning. Although I don’t know much from the band aside from “Superstar,” made famous in the hit movie “Juno,” I am looking forward to hearing this one. Also out this week is a new album by Illinois called “Adventures of Kid Cat.” If you have never heard of the band and want to check out a pretty decent Modest Mouse sounding group give them a shot.

As with any week there are a few albums that I am not looking forward to hearing. The Low Anthem will release “Oh My God, Charlie Darwin,” and from what I have already heard it doesn’t sound like something I will continue to explore. Also, Deerhunter will release “Rainwater Cassette Exchange,” and after seeing them live I am in no rush to listen to an entire album.

Just in case you don’t see anything that sparks your interest here are a few other albums you might enjoy:

“Adelphia,” by A Skylit Drive
“Happiness,” by Dance Gavin Dance
“Motorcade of Generosity,” by CAKE

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