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The Truth About Music Radar: May 25th, 2009

Another week another set of albums are about to come out. This Tuesday does not offer a great selection of new music but could be a great time to catch up on the last few weeks. Green Day and Eminem both have new albums out that are worth checking out. The biggest thing out today is Marilyn Manson’s “The High End of Low.” Although I don’t follow Manson and his crazy career he is known for really solid “freaky” metal.

This week also features a slew of Greatest Hits collections. Bands such as 311, New Kids on the Block and Clash along with super pop sensation Britney Spears will all release their hits. I always question when bands release these greatest hits album, especially when the band has not had a long shelf life. Thankfully this week all of the artists are capable of filling a greatest hits album.

Among the other less notable releases this week are “Ciao!” by producer and DJ Tiga, “Avenger,” by viking metal band Amon Amarth and “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix,” by The Phoenix. I hope you all enjoy your Tuesday and happy listening!!

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