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Music Video of the Week: "3 AM" by Eminem

This weeks music video of the week comes from the still unreleased, most anticipated album of 2009 by Eminem titled “Rehab.” In an interesting and growing trend in music, Eminem is releasing the singles from this album way in advance of the release. “3 AM,” is the third single released and is honestly not my favorite song, or video.

The best single that I’ve heard so far is “Who Made You,” which featured class Eminem from the rapping to the video shoot. This song gives the vibe of other ballad raps including “Cleaning Out My Closet,” or “Stan.” The video for “3 AM,” features two separate themes. Half of the video pictures a shirtless Slim Shady singing somewhere in the middle of the woods. The rest of the video features him in various horror scenes.

Overall I don’t think the video is that effective but layered with some other solid singles it should help create a tremendous buzz surrounding the release of “Rehab.”

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  • Comment by Greg posted May 14, 2009 at 09:05

    i dont see this as one of his rap ballads at all, its way too upbeat. Its more like the rest of his crazy songs about killing, like “kill you” or “guilty conscience”