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Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low Talks Toys, Fun and Touring

A few months ago I took part in a group interview in which Alex was really cool and answered some great questions. All Time Low are getting ready to put out their second full length album and I thought it would be a fitting time to share the interview with everyone. The band really puts on an amazing show, and he was a really great person to interview. The interview was conducted on November 6, 2008. 

Harris Decker: It seems like All Time Low has a lot of fun on stage. Do you ever get tired of touring or get homesick?

Alex Gaskarth: I mean for the most part it’s actually just a really good time. I think it takes a certain breed of person to want to tour all the time like we do or any other band does. But for the most part we have an amazing time on the road. We make a great time out of everything. Toward the end of a three-month tour you definitely get a little bit homesick but if that’s the worst part of your job then it’s really not to much to worry about, you know?

H: Definitely, I can tell from your music that you have a lot of influences from Blink 182 and Green Day, what sets All Time Low apart from the general pop-punk mold?

A: I think the biggest thing that’s unique about this band is one, the amount of energy and sincerity that we invest into the music and two, the connection that we try to maintain with our listeners. I think we’re a band that we above and beyond in the very beginning to stay really, really close and really, really true by maintaining on online presence. It was always us running the MySpace, it was always us answering the messages and for the most part it still is. So I think that is kind of a unique thing for some bands and I think it gives us the opportunity to stand out.

H: What is your favorite song to perform and why?

A: I think right now my favorite song to play would have to be The Beach from our newest CD. Reason being it’s just kind of a lot of fun to play. It’s a lot of energy and I’m like on the nerdy musical side of it. I really like the harmonies in that song. They’re just kind of pleasing to the ears. So, yeah.

H: I’ve been reading about All Time Low and the way you got your record deal right out of high school. How has it been and what challenges did you have with success that early?

A: I think the biggest challenge was convincing our parents at the time to let us do it and not go to college. That’s a pretty big like scary choice for a parent to have to sit back and make. Like am I really consciously going to let my kid take this much of a risk? We’ve been really lucky and it kind of came together and now we have support from the parents so I think that was the biggest step to make at the time.

H: Which tour was the most fun for you so far?

A: Oh, man, it’s very possible that the tour that we’re on right now, our headlining tour, may be my favorite tour ever. It’s right now we’re out on the road, we’re headlining first of all so it’s a really cool opportunity to have you know. We’re on tour with three bands we’re very good friends with so really it kind of just makes every night really, really enjoyable. There’s nothing akward about the tour, there’s no one that we don’t get along with so I would probably have to say this tour or if not, then definitely Warped Tour.

H: Besides for Green Day and Blink 182 who are your other big influences? Are there any others that really affect the band or you personally?

A: Yeah, me personally would be Jimmy Eat World.

H: With all the touring you have been doing, do you have any crazy stories or experiences?

A: Man, this question’s always really hard for me to answer because it’s always really kind of difficult to pick one scenario. I think it’s bizarre enough that I get to tour for a living. I feel like I tricked somebody into letting me do this. But specifically one crazy time – I think some of the craziest things that have ever happened are usually after shows. I think we’ve managed to cram about 30 people into the front lounge of our bus once which, I don’t know if you know how a tour bus is like laid out but they’re pretty narrow so we literally had people like standing on countertops and on the couches and on the table and we were all just having like the biggest party ever and it was relatively unsafe I think.

H: Aside from bands like KISS, very few have toys made. How did that idea come about?

A: It was kind of getting pushed by the label. They found a company that had the idea of making the toys with us. Originally we were actually going to have the toys conceal like a little mini USB drive and it was going to have our CD on it. But then it turned out that that cost like $100 so like we didn’t want to charge people like $100 for a little vinyl toy, so we just kind of made it a simplified weird bobble-head version of ourselves. The idea was mainly just to do something cool for the holidays, so we wanted to put something out that people could kind of laugh at and pick up and at the same time help out Toys for Tots which is a really, really cool organization especially, you know, during the Christmas season.

H: Always good to help out charities, on your current tour their are plenty of sold out shows, is there any different feelings that come out when you know your playing to a sold out house?

A: Man, we did some of our sold out shows before but not like this. It’s an amazing feeling. It’s really cool to know that people across the country actually want to come out and spend their money to see us. So it’s an honor and a privilege and pretty special to be selling out shows.

H: Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions.

A: No problem dude.

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    Cool :)
    touring sounds soo much fun!!
    Must have been great to interview him.

    Tori –

  • Comment by Anonymous posted May 14, 2009 at 03:24

    Sweet interview..
    i cant wait until i see them in June..

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    nice :DD