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The Songs in my Head: 1980

When I think of the word rehab in a musical context only one person comes to mind. Amy Whinehouse has been in and out of rehab for years and her first hit single shared this title. When I heard that the extremely catchy song titled “1980″ was by a band named Rehab, I was in shock.

The truth is, “1980,” by the hip hop fusion group Rehab is a fantastic song that has a chorus hook that cannot be missed. “I told her yo listen up cuz I love you lady we go back like 1980, lord knows your the one to change me you love me cuz im so crazy, you’ll see it will be you and me always always.”

Although the song comes from a deeper place than the hook ridden chorus will suggest, this song is all over radio and clubs at the same time. People seem to love the slow jam that this song provides. Can’t get this one out of my head if I tried.

Check out the unofficial music video for “1980″ by Rehab on Youtube

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