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The Lyrics in my Head: Stand Up

“Too bored to live, to young to die, If you get too tall I’ll cut you down to size, T.V fear sells brand new cars, my love lives with my guitar, It’s easy to feel that free, when you know what you want to be…”

I have been getting my groove on to the australian band, JET as of late. Although they really only had two successful radio hits, they have put out two really solid albums worth checking out. These lyrics came out of the opening line of “Stand Up,” off of the second album “Shine On.” There is something about this group and the way they mix old school and new,while putting lyrics together in a way that makes them a really special listen to, especially in the car (try it).

P.S. Listen for the awesome piano part at the very end, it gives me goosebumps

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