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Meg & Dia Ready to Continue Their Rise to the Top

A few months ago when I sat down for a chat with Dia she told me that the upcoming release by her and her sister Meg would be “a 50-50 split in which I wrote maybe four songs completely on my own and then she wrote maybe five songs completely on her own and then maybe three or four songs we would collaborate.” After being really impressed with the bands initial release “Something Real,” I was really looking forward to hearing “Here, Here and Here,” which is being released on April 21st, 2009.

Right off the bat the difference I hear from the band is a feel for the audience who will be purchasing their albums. Where the last album sounded like it was written for the singer songwriter in them, this album shows the girls ability to write some great pop songs. The up tempo second track “Hug Me,” uses fast paced lyrics and a downplayed bubble gum pop sound.

Die hard fans might be thinking that all this sounds pretty bad but truth be told it’s a sound that makes sense for them. The true fans of Meg & Dia will look past the pop attitude and realize that these songs are true gems. Track three, “What If,” was first heard on their last tour, and for me when they stopped at Webster Theater with the “Take Action Tour.” When this song was introduced as being on the upcoming album I got excited, thinking that this is a really awesome song, and this built my own personal hype for “Here, Here and Here.”

My exact thoughts on the song “What If,” revolved around the idea that this was a true pop song and the hopes that this great group of musicians could take that next step. Songs like this will really help push the band to that level.

A theme that runs through many of the songs on this album is fast lyrics in the style of Barenaked Ladies. Even in the slower paced songs lead singer Dia races through cool patches of fast paced lyrics giving the band a unique feel. Their ability to spin the singer/songwriter feel to the alternative crowd that the band is devoted to playing for is something special.

Another thing included in this album that appeared absent on “Something Real,” is an added level of production. In songs such as “Black Wedding,” you hear some extra synth sounds in the background helping to give the group the feeling of being larger than life. Each of the songs on the record sounds like it could easily appear in Gossip Girl or the right television commercial, which as always, is key to any pop artists success in today’s music world.

Interesting that the first real ballad of the album does not come until track seven when the girls are joined by a male voice on “Bored of Your Love.” The mystery voice we will have to assume is Tom Higgenson (lead singer of The Plain White-T’s) who co-wrote the song with Dia. This song is definitely one of the highlights on the back end of this album and is the groups first venture into co-writing songs on their album.

My favorite song on the album might just be track eight “One Sail,” in which the group really reminds me of their older style. Fans who spent hours listening to the bands first release will really go crazy over this son. The start of the song really highlights Dia’s voice and the acoustic guitar gives the song a really solid groove. Although the album is not as solid towards the end the albums final song which is the title track “Here, Here and Here,” is really well written slow jam featuring great harmonies and some more of Meg’s killer acoustic guitar.

Overall I think this album meets my expectations, moving the band farther into the world of pop music as a mainstay. The questions moving forward will be who Meg & Dia choose to tour with. Their last tour put them alongside Cute is What We Aim For and Breathe Carolina, two bands that might not fit them musically, but definitely fit their target audience. Their music is what will carry these Utah natives to the next level and this album “Here, Here and Here,” could help the group meet their music goals which Dia established as “I hope we won’t be a one hit wonder even though we haven’t even had that hit yet, I hope that we can still be touring (in three years) and I just want to always have dedicated fans…”

Here, Here and Here by Meg & Dia
Truth Rating: 4.01 / 5

Meg & Dia’s New Album, “Here, Here and Here,” Is In Stores Tomorrow, April 21st, 2009

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  • Comment by Anonymous posted April 20, 2009 at 10:01

    your only rating them so good cause you have a crush on both meg and dia.

  • Comment by Harris posted April 20, 2009 at 12:27

    well that’s totally true, but the album is in fact a real hit. they have really come into their own on this record.

  • Comment by Gui ϟ posted April 20, 2009 at 23:55

    I loved this album.
    The songs are catchy but not in a bad way.

    Going Away is simply awesome. Great way to open the album. It gives a great feeling, perfect for a first track.
    Meg & Dia are going to gain a lot of space and fand with this record for sure!

  • Comment by Jamie posted April 21, 2009 at 22:34

    This album is purely amazing to me. It’s got a great vibe and every single song is amazing in its own way.

    It’s a CD that is worth buying. I think their record sales will do very well for this album.

  • Comment by fullkitsune posted April 23, 2009 at 20:32

    I think that pretty much says it all. The thing that I think is most important about the album is the fact that the edge they had isn’t gone. Unlike Lily Allen’s sophomore release (which I think lost a lot of her attitude in favor of over studio production) this album is very clean, and clearly from Meg and Dia.

    My only concern is the unevenness of the album. I feel it starts getting a bit meandering toward the end, and the attention that they took from me for the first 6 songs has a different feeling. I notice it a lot on One Sail.

    Overall though, I’m extremely happy with it.

  • Comment by Cory posted April 30, 2009 at 01:29

    So I didn’t realize that you had twittered me with this link til just about an hour ago when I was laying in bed, and immediately got up to read this review.

    I honestly couldn’t agree with you more. With everything in this review. I honestly love EVERY song on this album and since i got the album on the 20 (yeah the pre-order sent it a day early) I haven’t listened to anything else.

    This might very well be an over-statement, but this album is life changing, at least for me it is.

    There is not one song on here that anyone couldn’t relate to, or put their own story with it.

    When I first heard this album when they posted all the songs on their myspace, I have been speechless, and in a way I still am, for I am not doing anything but rambling right now.

    All in all this is by far my album of the year, it exceeds all expectations people put on them, it showed how versatile they are musically, and lyrically, and it is just down right amazing. I recommend this album to anyone who just likes music, good meaningful amazing music. Really.