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Sing It Loud Finally ‘Coming Around,’ In the Pop World

Riding high on the success of their 2007 self titled EP release, Sing It Loud was anxious to get back into the studio and record their first full length album. Despite an overlap of songs between the EP and the album, “Come Around,” there is still quite a number of hidden gems in this pop rock bands arsenal.

Stemming from Minneapolis, Minnesota, the pop quintet has put together a successful formula for writing pop hits. “Come Around’s,” leadoff batter is a really great pop anthem called “I’ve Got a Feeling.” The song has an extremely laid back feeling, similar to a late 90’s type pop song. Laying into the verse the song eventually adds synth piano and finally builds into a pop fans perfect chorus.

After the strong start the second song is a step backwards despite the featured singer on the track Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack. The song is picked up by the next few songs. The title track “Come Around,” was first released in 2007 on the bands EP, but is now the first single and highlight from the first half of the record. “Give It Up,” gives a different feel when compared to the other songs on the first half. It’s acoustic guitar presence and slowed pace make this song a great bridge out of the first three songs.

The seventh song on the album features another guest musician, Alex Gaskarth, lead singer of All Time Low. I’ve said for many months that All Time Low are among the most energetic and fun bands to watch on stage and although his presence is felt, that energy level does not bleed through the way it could of on the song “No One Can Touch Us.”

Being a sucker for slow ballads towards the end of solid albums, I look at the track “Over You,” in this light. This song brings to mind another pop rock group, Boys Like Girls as they move into half time and really belt some excellent, driven lyrics. The end of this song features a downplayed guitar solo that I can imagine really rocking during a live show.

As I neared the end of this album, the second to last track “Fade Away,” is really great way to build the album down. Listening to it, it just sounds like it belongs at the end of an album. A huge sign of a great album comes during the final track. Although the song doesn’t have to blow me away, the final track on any album is a major key in my head.

The band opens the final track with the most emotional sounding intro, which does develop into a really cool fun song. Non-synthesized piano is heard for the first time and once again, the song just sounds like it belongs at the end of the record. Lead singer Pat Browns vocals are really showcased in the final song from “Come Around.”

Overall the album did not blow me away, but did give me plenty of reasons to want to see Sing it Loud live. Similar to other successful pop rock outfits, the band brings catch, danceable and singable choruses and a great look onto the scene. Currently on tour with The Morning Light and Friday Night Boys, they will spend the summer on the Vans Warped Tour.

Come Around by Sing it Loud
Truth Rating: 3.49 / 5

On a side note, the album art for “Come Around,” is pretty awesome, the colored parts are layered, with the white part laying on top. I’m a sucker for awesome album art.

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