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New iTunes System Now Up and Running

The big announcement out of Apple’s headquarters this week was scaled pricing. Despite the fact that this is a really big deal and something that Apple fought vigorously against, it is not the biggest thing they released to the music world. In an ongoing effort to streamline and simplify the way consumers purchase music, iTunes along with The Fray announced the inclusion of an iTunes Pass into the iTunes Store.

Yes, I just said iTunes three times in that sentence but this is a really cool idea that the super company will try to employ. The basic idea is similar to their “season passes,” for television shows. You get a certain number of tracks, some video and some audio with a certain number of “exclusive,” tracks available only through the pass.

You will continue to receive exclusive released tracks from the band until the end date on the pass. For this initial release of The Fray’s “iTunes Pass,” the exclusive tracks will continue coming until August 26th, 2009. This is a pretty cool idea, a way to lock the customer in now for some future exclusive content. Die hard fans will love it, my question is, will everyone else?

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