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New Music to Fill Your iPod (or Zune)

Let’s be real, no one actually owns a Zune but either way a few special people have been asking for a guide to new music. Although The Truth About Music goes into extensive detail about a lot of new music some people just want to know what to listen to and I’m here for you. The following is a quick list of some of the best new music I’ve put on my computer in the last few months, enjoy.

Latest Album: Free Your Mind
For people who like: Fall Out Boy or Cute is What We Aim For

“The lack of overproduction is something that is generally avoided by others in the genre such as Cute Is What We Aim For or Fall Out Boy. The vocal stylings of lead singer Slade Echeverriea are much more in line with these bands however.” For More Check Out ‘Anarbor Attempting to Re-Write the Book on Pop Bands’

Latest Album: Life Left To Go
For people who like: 3 Doors Down or Bon Jovi

Safetysuit is one of the more solid pure rock bands that I have heard in the last few months. They have a really amazing ability to walk the line between hard rock and pop rock, something that their idols did. The power this band achieves even on a recording is truly one of a kind.

Meg & Dia
Latest Album: Something Real (Here, Here and Here comes out on April 21st, 2009)
For people who like: Paramore or Jimmy Eat World

“The most musical part of the performance were the amazing harmonies between the girls. Meg & Dia have an amazing ability to sing together something they achieved from playing together from a very young age.” For More Check Out ‘One Ray of Light in a Sea of Poop’

Latest Album: Lights – EP
For people who like: MGMT

“From the beginning, I was pretty blown away. The self-titled EP consists of six songs, including some huge hits in the waiting. The thing that stands out immediately is the production quality, credited to Lights…” For More Check Out ‘Lights: Inner Nerd Meets Adorable Pop Singer’

If that isn’t enough new music here are a few other goodies to check out:
The Urgency (If you Like: Coheed and Cambria)
The Bigger Lights (If you Like: All Time Low)
We the Living (If you Like: Coldplay)
Van Atta High (If you Like: Cute Is What We Aim For)
Eleanor Whitmore (If you Like: Alanis Morissette)
A Kidnap In Color (If you Like: Panic at the Disco)

I hope that gives you a few new tracks to add to your iPod. For the sake of music in general listen to these bands on Myspace and if you do truly enjoy their music support music by purchasing the album or attending some live shows.

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