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Spring Training and Blogging

Hey everyone, I am writing to you from sunny (or not so sunny depending on the hour) Florida where it seems to always be at least 60 degrees a pleasant change from Connecticut and New York. I am here to both visit my grandma in Coconut Creek and to see some Mets spring training baseball in Port St. Lucie. Coming to watch baseball in the spring is so fun and for any baseball fans that have not had the chance, you really should.

I will try to keep my blog as up to date as possible while down in the Sunshine State but there are no guarantees. Of course, being born before 1930 my grandma refuses to even touch a computer let alone have internet. Blogging will be down exclusively from my iPhone but more likely through my Twitter account. Be sure to check there for updates and news from spring training, or the music industry.

Also while I’m gone be sure to leave lots of comments, take the new poll and help me spread the word about The Truth About Music. Thanks again so much for your continued support.

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