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Harris’ Song of the Week: The State of Massachusetts by The Dropkick Murphys

Once again, inspired by recent events my song of the week is from Monday nights concert at Webster Theater. The Dropkicks put on one hell of a show and started it off right with “Famous For Nothing,” followed by my song of the week, followed by “Johnny I Hardly New Ya.” This trifecta of songs was amazing and sent Webster into a state of mass dancing, celebration and of course, drinking.

The song itself to me is the anthem of the band. It is such a fitting song for the group to play early on in the set and really fires up a crowd. The banjo line that runs through the entire song might just be my favorite part. To see more pictures from the concert be sure to check out this previous post.

Florida is great, and I am enjoying the spring training baseball a lot. Be back to New York soon!

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