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Changes to The Truth About Music

Before I begin my week long trek that will bring me to Webster Theater four times, New York City and Florida I have made some cool new additions and changes to the website. The first and most notable change is the inclusion of The Truth Rating on all album and concert reviews. With a little help from some friends this rating system has been devised. It will look something like this:

Truth Rating: 3.45 / 5

Although the rating system is out of 5 total points, the grading system was inspired by a professor of mine in college. We will go beyond the normal whole and half numbers and break down the rating so that the most accurate number is achieved. Hope you all enjoy the new grading system!!

The other major addition to the site is a new homepage. The Truth About Music now has it’s own homepage. To see extended pictures and to learn more about me (author of The Truth About Music) be sure to check out our homepage, now up and running. So, go visit The Site Behind the Blog.

The main goal of this page is a place to host excess pictures taken at concerts. Fans often want to see pictures taken from the actual concert they were at and this will allow the posting of many additional pictures. Hope you like the new additions and before to follow me on twitter for up to the second updates.

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