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Album of the Moment: Carnival Vol II: Memoirs of an Immigrant

Rules cialis 10mg are meant to be broken and just because the title would usually say lyrics of the month, doesn’t mean this won’t be fun too. Although many readers, and music listeners are at the point in their musical journey were full albums just don’t appeal to them. I have a 17 year old sister and a 50 year old dad, neither of which has listened to a full album in years (if ever). With this in mind I would like to tell you to give it a shot. There are those times in life when a certain album just starts playing and right now, I am having one of those moments.

The album is Wyclef Jeans, Carnival, Vol. II: Memoirs of an Immigrant released back in 2007. To me this is one of the greatest works in the category of hip-hop ever recorded. Combining an incredible mix of guest accompaniment and amazing instrumentation this album just makes me happy. Although the only song most will remember was the mega hit, “Sweetest Girl,” the rest of the album screams musicality. If you have never listened to Wyclef I would recommend it immediately and this album is an amazing place to start.

Among my favorite guest performers are Norah Jones on “Any Other Day,” Paul Simon on “Fast Cards,” and T.I. on “Slow Down.” The rest of the album is littered with performers such as Shakira, Serj Tankian, Akon, Lil Wayne, and Mary J. Blige. If your one of those people that “doesn’t listen or like hip-hop,” give this album a solid chance before making your decision.

Track List
Riot (featuring Serj Tankian and Sizzla)
Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) (featuring Akon, Lil Wayne and introducing Niia)
Welcome To The East (featuring Sizzla)
Slow Down (featuring T.I.)
King & Queen (featuring Shakira)
Fast Car (featuring Paul Simon)
What About The Baby (featuring Mary J. Blige)
Hollywood Meets Bollywood (Immigration) (featuring Chamillionaire)
Any Other Day (featuring Norah Jones)
Heaven’s In New York
Selena (featuring Melissa Jimenez)
Touch Your Button Carnival Jam (featuring Will.I.Am, Melissa Jimenez, Daniela Mercury, Black Alex, Djkout Mizik)

“Carnival Vol II: Memoirs of an Immigrant” by Wyclef Jean
Truth Rating: 4.35 / 5

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