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Stemming from my home state of New York, Paging Grace is a brand new contemporary rock from Long Island. They combine really strong epic vocals, with a melodic blend of instrumentation. Listening to their EP, “All You’re Made Of,” it is clear that the sound for this band is present, and the songwriting in general is solid. In a similar to style to The Fray or One Republic, Paging grace is lead by lead singer Chris Trent, who also plays piano on stage. Chris is able to sing with the same grace on the recordings that he does on stage.

The best song on the LP for me is the title track, “All You’re Made Of,” with many of the other songs falling short of this great rock anthem. During the live performance, I was also drawn to this song, but a cover of Matchbox 20’s “How Far We’ve Come,” was the live shows largest hit. The practice of breaking out of a specific market such as Long Island, and branching into the unknown is always difficult and Paging Grace is struggling right alongside the best of them. In the case of The Webster Theater show I attended, they employed the help of Article 19, one of the more seasoned up and coming bands in Connecticut. Ironically enough, you had the best up and coming bands from both regions playing one show, a fact that could of been exploited in advertising.

Article 19’s blend of funk and rock is a blend that is unmatched by most bands. Despite lead singer Brett Wilsons resemblance to Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, he brings a set of clean vocals to an industry dominated by wining and screaming. Together these two bands are set up in almost identical fashions, with the lead singers playing piano, and deciding who’s vocals sound better is truely a task. During Article 19’s set, guitarist Anthony Machiano approached me and said that so many bands work against each other, competing for merch sales, and show placement. These two groups have decided to work together in conquering each others backyards. After playing in Connecticut the two groups will play a string of shows in New York, hoping to cement Article 19’s place in a new scene.

Article 19 and Paging Grace, teaming up in a way that could help bring each of their careers to a new level. Breaking out of one region and into another is the problem that all local bands experience. It seems that by using each others influence these bands might have found a way to help each other on the way to the top. Just to have it down in writing, these two bands have been awarded the best up and coming acts from Connecticut and Long Island, I believe there are extremely bright futures for both groups.

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  • Comment by Greg posted February 21, 2009 at 20:32

    up and comings=indie, we get it you love that style of music. you hipster, you.