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One Ray of Light in a Sea of Poop

Meg & Dia, two very close sisters form Utah have gone on tour with a group of scene rockers and are out to prove they can hang. The Take Action Tour is only a few shows in but already there are trends, most importantly, there isn’t much to see. Headlining group Cute is What We Aim For has been around for a number of years now and has yet to catch it’s break. Also on the tour are new(er) comers Breathe Carolina, a group of kids that seem to enjoy light shows more than actual music. This is getting way ahead of ourselves.

Coming into the night I had a very vague idea of what Meg & Dia’s stage show consisted of. After speaking on the phone with Dia it was clear that the group new what they were doing, and loved perfecting what they were good at. The band was helped early on by the Myspace phenomena which helped them just throw songs up and gauge people’s reactions. “Meg and I just put up acoustic songs and we got an ok response from people and it was just cool to hear somebody from across the United States and even different countries say ‘oh this is cool,’ or ‘good luck with it.”

After forming a band at age 14, the two sisters have come along way, now playing as one of the largest bands on the F.Y.E. sponsored tour. Although Dia came off as being slightly shy, on stage her performance was really enjoyable. Playing to a crowd wearing mostly bright pink pants (the guys) and two many bracelets to count (the girls), it was interesting to have this band that seemed to care more about the music than how they looked. Don’t get me wrong, dressed in all flannel, Meg & Dia are extremely attractive, but in no way did that detract from their musical abilities. In talking about their live shows Dia said “I think we’re still struggling with that and everyday I just say that I want this to sound as best as it can.”

Among my favorite songs during the live show were “Monster,” a really cool song that deserves to catch it’s big break. This is definitely the type of song that can easily gain fame through play on Gossip Girl or through an awesome Apple commercial. Although the groups last album came out in 2006, they are currently working on their new album “Here, Here and Here,” due out this spring. Previewing some of the songs off of this album the group performed “What If,” a really cool pop-rock song. Also in the arsenal was a cover of Blind Melon’s monster hit “No Rain,” which they punked up to fit. The most musical part of the performance were the amazing harmonies between the girls. Meg & Dia have an amazing ability to sing together something they achieved from playing together from a very young age. “It’s awesome because I can finish her sentences for her, so you can imagine how far that chemistry goes.”

Although they were playing third on a five band show, in my eyes, Meg & Dia stole the show. Following them were Electronic Screamo bad Breathe Carolina and Cute is What We Aim For. Although CIWWAF put on a good show, their music just has never done it for me. There’s something about Shaant’s obsession with his hair, and inability to sing clear lyrics in a live setting that doesn’t get through to me. The disaster that is Breathe Carolina is another story. If I had my thumb on the musical trigger this might be the first band to go. The best part of their show were the lights, which were weak at best. Let’s face it boys, we weren’t there to see a lights show, we were there to see a rock show. Although the band has a huge and devote following, I think playing alongside of them is a disgrace to music. Their main show consists of karaoke on steroids. There is one DJ, a light controller, two lead singers and a keytar player. Between the five of them, I’m not sure if any singing or instrument playing was actually done, but one thing is for sure, the sound we all heard was not music.

The best thing we can say for Breathe Carolina and Cute is What We Aim For is that they helped sell tickets for people to come see Meg & Dia (and 10% of ticket sales were donated to charity). Although the future is bright for the sisters from Utah, I don’t think the same can be said for Breathe Carolina, and if Cute Is What We Aim For want’s to save themselves they better write a killer single soon.

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