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Blink 182 Is Most Anticipated

I guess it’s no surprise that after years of hiatus, and no indication of what their future plans were, Blink 182′s upcoming tour is the most awaited tour of 2009. In the final minutes of the poll we received our 40th vote, making this the most voted upon poll to date on The Truth About Music. The reason we are all drooling over Blink is because of the thought of us not knowing. We knew Green Day would be back, they’ve been talking about a new album for years (similar to before American Idiot) and No Doubt had been leaked, rumored and thought about for so long that it was inevitable. It took a life changing experience, and a dry bank account to bring the Blink boys back together again.

Blink 182 57%
No Doubt 27%
Green Day 12%
Midtown 2%

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