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Full Interview with Dia Frampton of Meg & Dia and The Voice

Dia Frampton from Ohio at the House of Blues where “It’s really cold” on February 12th, 2009
Interviewed by Harris Decker

Dia Frampton

Dia Frampton

How did Meg & Dia become a band?
Meg and I played a lot acoustically together before we started this full band project we met our drummer nick when Meg crashed her car and he worked at a mechanic shop in Utah and we just started talking about music when he was giving us a quote on how much her car would be to fix and after we found him it was so good to play with drums and it gave that whole band feeling back, because meg and I had played in bands when we were 14 and what not, so we decided to look for people and we met people through mutual friends or we got Carlo from youtube just random places.

On that note, I know you have used the internet and especially Myspace to promote yourselves effectively. Any thoughts on that?
Myspace has been super helpful, there’s a big controversy with people whether it’s good or bad with music but I think it helped us a lot. That was the first way people ever heard our music, Meg and I just put up acoustic songs and we got an ok response from people and it was just cool to hear somebody from across the United States and even different countries say ‘oh this is cool,’ or ‘good luck with it. It was cool to see how many people listened to you that day and even now lots of label go to myspace pages or websites or live shows which can be a bad thing because I’m all about live shows but I know that when I go into a record label office, I’ll just say check out this bands myspace, which is kind of a crazy term but it’s 2009 and thats the way it is. In a way I think it gives bands great opportunities but at the same time if your a great live band and you have different vibe going for you, they may never give you that chance to go out to that show because you have 200 myspace plays that day. It’s been so helpful and it’s the way we communicate with people personally and with our fans and it’s more of an interactive place if anybody is bored and wants to know more about us we upload videos all the time and it’s a good place to blog, I’m big on lyrics and describing what our songs are about and I always post journals about song lyrics or where a song was written or how it was written and stuff like that, so it’s very interactive and more personal I guess. People wanting to get close to you.

What is it like playing with your sister every night?
It’s awesome because I can finish her sentences for her, so you can imagine how far that chemistry goes, especially now when people are saying that bands never have chemistry, I look forward to when a band looks like a family on stage and we obviously have that by blood, but it’s been great and it’s always been really comfortable and especially traveling and being so far from home it’s nice to have somebody that is family with me, even the boys lately, I don’t have any brothers, I have 5 sisters at home so they’ve turned into my brothers basically it’s just a big family and it’s been awesome and of course Meg and I, it’s hard being with a sister sometimes because you’ll have petty arguments and stuff like that, but it’s still a good thing.

Can you talk about your songwriting process?
Our last record Something Real has been out for two years now, Meg probably wrote 85% to 90% of it, I would do some lyrics here or there but this new record Here Here and Here, it comes out in April it’s more of exactly a 50-50 split which I wrote maybe 4 songs completely on my own and then she wrote maybe 5 songs completely on her own and then maybe 3 or 4 songs we would collaborate, maybe she’d write a verse and I’d finish a chorus and then maybe I’d write the lyrics for the bridge and then she’s change them so it was a big collaboration on this record opposed to the last one being completely different.

Can you discuss your writing style a little big?
Some of my really close friends when I’ve showed them the record have said ‘oh you wrote this song didn’t you?’ but other than that I honestly don’t know if people will be able to tell. I think I have a tendency to write more down lyrics, a little bit more melancholy a little more glass half empty lyrics, not that I’m a completely depressed person or anything but that’s just what comes out of me most of the time. Meg is somewhat a little more optimistic in a darker way but as far as lyrics go I think people can usually tell if they knew us personally who wrote what, but as a whole the album blends together, (there’s not a huge gap at the end of songs. )

What are your musical influences?
For me I draw a lot of inspiration from books, our last record was written very specifically off books to a point where songs were titled after the books that inspired them, this record is much more about our personal lives there’s one song I wrote about a book called ‘Brave New World,’ which I just thought was amazing, so I wrote it about that because it really inspired me. As far as this record goes it’s mostly just about our lives, I write very personally and I don’t use to many metaphors, I just spit it out and I feel like sometimes when I listen to our records wow if anybody listens to this they’re opening my journal almost, so it’s very very me and I don’t know how that’s going to go over, sometimes I just wish that it wasn’t all out there because I feel like I’m exposed but I get a lot of inspiration from my sister as well because I think she’s a great musician and I love to work with her and she has great ideas so when we’re working together it’s a whole different thing.

Dia Frampton

Who have you shared the stage with in the past, any favorite bands to tour with?
Probably a band that I loved playing with was Angels and Airwaves. Lot’s of us were old Blink 182 fans and there just awesome and the people were great, that tour was just full of the nicest people ever, they took care of us, we were the baby band and they treated us like kings pretty much, so it was amazing. Saves the Day was awesome I’ve listened to Saves the Day for forever. Those were probably my favorite tours.

If you could write a wish list of bands to tour with in the future, who would it include?
Modest Mouse, Tom Petty and Cursive. I love them so much.

What have been your favorite stops on tour?
I love New York City and California but whenever we play those places it’s the most just people everywhere, and there’s so much press and the record labels and craziness, those two cities are always crazy no matter what so it’s just hard to get out and relax, those cites are always the most stressful but there always really fun to be around too. I like those places, I always love to go to Korea town or something like that in California or New York. Florence Kansas is also a really cool place.

Where do you see your band in three years?
That’s a really hard question, honestly I hope to be around, I think that sums everything up because no matter how hard we try there’s so many bands lately, you were talking about Myspace so many different bands, they’re blowing up everywhere. I’ve been in a band since I was 14 and we’ve been doing this for a long time and you’ll see a band that’s been around for maybe 6 months just blow up and I’m not bitter I think godspeed that’s awesome but it’s just who knows where we’ll be, I hope we won’t be a one hit wonder even though we haven’t even had that hit yet, I hope that we can still be touring and I just want to always want to have dedicated fans not the radio fans that know that one song and then don’t care about anything else. I think so far I’ve been happy with people who have been listening to us, they’ve been so supportive and ask about different songs and not just the one that’s the most popular. I really just want to be around, I want to have a good live show I mean I think that live shows are the most important things for a band and I think we’re still struggling with that and everyday I just say that I want this to sound as best as it can, I don’t care about anything else I don’t care what we’re wearing or what magazine we’re in, if we don’t sound good live then we should just kill ourselves right now.

If you could give an upcoming band some advice what would it be?
Pretend like there’s nobody to help you and if you have that mindset then you’ll get a lot farther than most. I think people are just like ‘I can’t wait until I get on a record label,’ and then they get on a record label and they’re like ‘cool, now what.’ It doesn’t matter you can be on a major label, you can be on any label, there not going to plant roses for you, so many people put so much dependance on record labels and booking agents and management that usually they don’t even work out, sometimes there really scummy and you just do your own thing for a long time we booked our own shows, we show swapped with random people, we played basements, they other day some kid came up to me and said ‘you probably don’t remember but 5 years ago you played my house, it was a house party,’ and I said yea we totally did play your house, that’s crazy, you just want to do everything yourself, print your own Cd’s hand them out do everything that you can yourself.

What do you hope people walk away from your show with?
Every show is different, I know that a lot of bands have routine and so do we but we never plan anything, we switch up our set, our show is very spontaneous and we just kind of mess around and I just want people to take away that we’re a family and we’re just here to have fun and play music, don’t take us too seriously, and that could be a good or bad thing,

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    i love this band and i am so excited to see them play at warped tour! check out this really funny meg& dia youtube video: