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Limp Bizkit: Ready to Get Their Groove On Once Again

Metal and pop: rarely two genres that have found themselves used together in sentences. Throughout the history of pop music, bands have tried and failed to make the music of headbangers and screeching guitars a popular genre. Among the only bands to ever succeed in doing this was Limp Bizkit — a band that disbanded almost as quickly as they broke onto the scene back in 1997. Luckily for ’90s kids and metal-heads alike, Limp Bizkit is back.

In a statement by original band members Fred Durst (vocals) and Wes Boreland (guitar), they voiced their dissatisfaction with the current state of “heavy popular music.” A world tour and album have been announced — the album being the band’s first full-length since the 2000 multi-platinum release, Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water. Hit songs from this record included “Rollin” and “My Way,” along with b-side tracks “Getcha Groove On” and “My Generation.” This album is among my favorites of its kind, and helped define the genre heavy popular music.

Although it might contradict the rules of metal, no other band has capitalized on it more than Limp Bizkit. Despite the deep feuds that laid into the band during the early part of this decade, the re-birth of one of the ’90s best bands is great news for music fans. This is one more band to throw on the pile of ’90s greats coming together in 2009 — a list that already includes No Doubt, Green Day, and Blink 182.

This article was written by Harris Decker originally for Buzzine: Limp Bizkit

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