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The Truth About Music Police

Funny when you come across a song that you love, and then find out that another band wrote the riff over five years earlier. Spurred on by a comment about Nimrod being a favorite album of some, I listened to it. Hitting the song “All the Time,” I thought I had heard that riff and chord progression before.

Turns out that a newer band, by the name of Readymade Breakup uses the exact same riff and chord progression in their single, “Back to the Bubble.” Although I like both of these songs quite a lot, it is interesting how blatant the riff is in both songs. Everything from the timing, to the tuning, to the distortion is the same. Someone give these two songs a listen to confirm my findings.

To be clear, the song was written by Green Day in 1996, where as Readymade Breakup did not release there song until 2008. Check them out on Youtube and Myspace here:

“All the Time”
“Back to the Bubble”

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