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The Results Are In: The Who Will Play Super Bowl 2010

Well if the Truth About Music ruled the world they would be.

All this talk about vote tabulation and number, from the election to the Grammy Awards. I have finally got the answer and it was decided on by The Truth About Music’s intelligent group of readers. We, as a group have made the correct decesion that The Who should play the Super Bowl in 2010. This decesion was made with 12 out of 33 votes, a record turn out for voting members in the academy of truth. Coming in second place was AC/DC (A worthy second place finisher) with 9 out of 33 votes. I will post the final results below, but one this is clear, the correct decesion for the 2010 Super Bowl was made.

Can you think of any better halftime setlist than: Baba O’Reilly, We Won’t Get Fooled Again and My Generation?

The Who: 12 Votes
AC/DC: 9 Votes
Green Day: 6 Votes
Bon Jovi: 3 Votes
The Allman Brothers: 2 Votes
Steve Miller Band: 1 Vote
Guns and Roses: 0 Votes

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