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Blink 182′s Pre Grammy Awards Conversation

Taking a look back at the last four years, since Blink 182 officially decided to move into a state of ‘hiatus,’ the members of the pop-punk powerhouse have not had it easy. I thought it would be fun to publish my thoughts on how the decision to get back to together was made.

Mark Hoppus
Tom DeLonge
Travis Barker

Tom: Hey Trav, how’s your arm doing? I was really scared for you when I heard the news about the plane going down on Fox.

Travis: Well I’m just happy to be safe, and can’t wait to get back behind a drum set.

Mark: Yea, well I hope Travis’ arms still function fully because we need his appeal to draw people to +44 shows. We were hoping to record our second album this winter, in hopes that it would sell more than 300,000 worldwide.

Travis: Hey, don’t sell us short, my drumming has never been better.

Tom: Some things will just never change, funny thing my two albums with Angels and Airwaves only sold 1.5 million combined. I like playing with Angels but I just feel like people want to hear our old songs, the stuff we used to play.

Mark: We get a lot of that too, but we’ve decided to throw our fans a bone here and there, playing a few old tracks. Don’t you miss the days when albums would sell millions of copies?

Tom: Those were the day’s, thousands of screaming fans at our headlining shows, as opposed to opening for bands like Fall Out Boy. Nothing against these guys but if we were still touring we could sell out just about any venue in the world.

Travis: You know, I’m just the drummer but wouldn’t it make sense to get back together and see how it goes?

Mark: You know, Travis does have a point, we could be huge, write some new records and go from playing small club shows, to playing to some huge crowds.

Tom: Let’s see, my best friends, piles of money and fans going crazy for Blink 182, what else could I ask for?

Travis: Whores?

Mark: Wow, that was easy, why did we ever to those stupid side projects in the first place?

This entire story is fictional, and is not meant to represent any actual conversations that took place. It is safe to note that from my perspective, this is exactly what took place.

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