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Harris’ Song of the Week: Jane by The Loved Ones

Every once and a while you have to kick it old school. You take a few steps backward and remind yourself how you got to where you are. For this weeks song, I have decided to shave a few years off, back to 2006 with a band that I consider to be the definition of today’s punk scene. You hear a lot of music, but rarely do you hear a band, and better yet a collection of Albums that kicks your ass as much as these guys do.

The song “Jane,” from the album Keep Your Heart, was considered the first single and is a crowd favorite song. In the spirit of the band it is a kicking anthem that makes even the most docile human beings want to punch someone in the face. In fact I will go ahead and say that if you are preparing for a fight listening to this album in it’s entirety will go a long way to you winning.

Well check out the song and let me know what you think about today’s true punk scene. Oh, and let me know what song you listen to before embarking on your fights (or quests).

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