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Hardest I’ve Ever Laughed (at a video game)

Anyone who knows me well eneough has come to a few conclusions:

1. I’m an asshole
2. I’m very opinionated
3. I hate online video’s (such as Youtube)

If you know these three things then your probably on the right track. It rarely comes a time when I break the shackles, and conform with society, laughing along with these “funny” online video’s. The time has come for me to begin to laugh at these video’s and I have found a perfect place to start. Dave from Mercury Studios told me about Zero Punctuation, a series of online video game reviews by Ben Croshaw.

These video’s go beyond the normal reaches of online video’s. They are not only funny, but extremely practical video game reviews in the form of video’s themselves. Each week (on Wednesday) he releases a new review and are generally laugh out loud (lol for those of you so inclined) funny. The best way to go about it is to find a video game that not only he has reviewed, but that you also own. For me this was “Little Big Planet,” and “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.” These two video’s made me laugh harder than I can remember.

So, congratulations Ben, you have been the first in a long list of people who have attempted to make me laugh at an online video. Keep up the great work, and always remember Goldeneye is still the king of all games (and Smash Brothers).

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