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A Fun Experiment

This is one of the posts that just comes out of right field but is fun to try. The idea of panning is that some sounds come out of one speaker, and other sounds come out of another speaker. When you isolate these sounds in headphones (especially really good sounding headphones) you can really hear the differences in sound.

My personal choice for headphones are a pair of Shure sound isolation headphones. They cost me a pretty penny but are very versatile. When these headphones are in, you can’t hear someone yell right next to you (a little scary of your walking in a city).

Here’s what to do. Find the best pair of headphones that you can get your hands on. Download “Play it Loud,” by MxPx. Give it a listen. The first three seconds or so of this song mess with your brain as the opening sound is transfered from left to right to left and so on. It really is weird to listen to, and totally messes with my head. Give it a try, let me know your thoughts.

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