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Did Eminem Loose a Testacle?

Driving home from dinner tonight I was shocked to turn to Sirius Hits 1 and hear the familiar sound of Eminem pumping over my sound system. Anyone who knows me well is aware of my feeling’s on Slim Shady, who I consider one of the greatest lyricists of my generation.

Unfortunately I was not impressed with his newest song “Crack A Bottle,” which features 50 Cent and Dr. Dre, people ‘M’ has worked with in the past. My first impression was that Eminems voice had increased a few octaves and was actually really annoying. I hope that the rest of his album is better than this, and that he goes from nasal singing, to classic Eminem rapping.

One of the lowest parts of this song include the lyrics: “Kiss my butt, lick the cheese from under my nuts.” I love Eminem and the way he fuses controversial lyrics with crafty writing but this is definitely a step back for me and my love of the Detroit rapper.

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  • Comment by Greg posted January 23, 2009 at 17:48


    the return of dr dre = amazing

    fuck off