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So Much Music, So Few Sounds

Have you ever noticed that as you drift off into a song, parts of it, or maybe even the whole thing starts to sound very familiar, almost as if you’ve already heard this same song? I’ve been starting to realize this more and more in listening to music. This is not the blatant stealing of chords, in fact in many cases the chords are completely different, but the overall mood of the song just sounds like another. It’s not done on purpose, and the writer probably didn’t mean to do it but nevertheless it happens.

The example I am thinking of as I write this entry is Jason Mraz and his hit #1 single “I’m Yours.” Ever since I first heard the sound of ukulele at the start of this song I have been thinking about another song by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. This singer’s song (ironically a cover song in itself) Somewhere “Over the Rainbow,” most notably appearing in the Adam Sandler movie “50 First Dates,” sounds eerily similar to Jason’s song.

There is no chance that the song was copied and it is probably just by coincidence, but I find it funny how these things happen. So, listen to Israel’s song and get back to on your thoughts on this topic. Also comment with some other songs that are like this, in that they remind you of another.

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