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Thriving Ivory and the Case of the Stolen Voice-box

Thriving Ivory, a brand new band to the pop music scene in America, broke with their self titled debut album featuring the now hit single ‘Angels on the Moon.’ The band has had moderate success with this single and I do enjoy the bands sound. My problem with them, hasn’t this band happened already?

Clayton Stroope, lead singer of Thriving Ivory’s vocals sound eerily similar to two different more established front men. You don’t have to listen any more than their single to hear the similarity between Stroope and Gerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance. Upon further listening I have a theory on Guns and Roses lack of touring in 2009.

Is it possible that Clayton Stroope is Axl Rose in disguise? I think these two scenarios are highly likely and if you would, listen to Angels on the Moon and tell me which person you think he sounds more like in the comments. I just want to know who’s voice-box is missing?

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  • Comment by Anonymous posted January 15, 2009 at 19:07

    Hey Harris! Clayton Stroope here from the band. Glad you’re liking the song. Your comments on my voice are very flattering. But there’s no way I can sing as high as Axel. I’ve been hearing that I sound like Geddy Lee from Rush lately. So thank you for not mentioning that one. Axel and Gerard I like though. Take care man. Come to a show sometime!

  • Comment by Cassie The Venomous posted January 20, 2009 at 01:07

    Hmm. Upon reading this and seeing the Gerard reference, I had to listen myself, and my findings were as follows:

    The Axel part you have right, maybe that mixed with the weird nasal thing that the guy from The Fray does occasionally, and a little not-as-epic Billy Corgan for seasoning. Gerard’s voice, however, is really velar and far too distinct to my ear to compare it to anyone else’s voice, though. That’s just my bias. Ha-ha!

    When the dude first started singing in the first song I listened to, I thought he was a chick. Ha-ha!

    And what’s with old Anon up there? ^ :}


  • Comment by Cassie The Venomous posted January 20, 2009 at 01:17

    Adding to my comment here: if you go back and listen to the demos of MCR’s very first CD or the EP best known as “The Attic Demos” (formally known as “Dreams of Stabbing And/Or Being Stabbed”), the resemblance is faintly there, I’ll give you that.