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The 2009 Academy Awards

Taking a step away from music over the past week I have made it a point to go out and see some of the movies sure to be swimming in Oscar nominations. Among the ones I have seen were Gran Torino, Frost/Nixon and 7 Pounds. Of course I have already seen The Dark Knight and Burn After Reading which are sure to carry some smaller awards.

In my opinion the best picture of the year will go to Gran Torino and the lead actor should go to either Clint Eastwood for this movie, or to Will Smith in 7 Pounds. Although this may fall under much criticism I have not yet seen Milk, Sean Penn’s new movie. Although I’m sure this movie will also receive a slew of nominations I simply do not like Sean Penn and therefore would be swayed from picking him under any circumstances.

With that in mind I really hope that Heath Ledger takes home the best supporting actor win and that Gran Torino wins big. If you haven’t seen some of these movies they are worth the extra trip to the movies in the coming weeks. Once the nominations are announced I will have weekly polls for each category, lets see if we can pick the winners as a group!!

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