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Harris’ Song of the Week: It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy

I’m sure you just read the above headline and now think that I am either forgetting what year it is, or that I’m nuts. As far as I know, I’m not either of those, but I am being nostalgic this week. After spending some time downloading some of my favorite late 90′s songs, this one crept into my head.

To this day, It Wasn’t Me is one of my favorite (and most catchy) hip-hop/rap songs of all time. My generation will always remember when this song came out, it was just racy enough to make people care about it, and most middle school students purchased and then played to death, the CD single.

It Wasn’t Me was followed by Angel, another great single from Shaggy but for now pretend its the year 2000, the Red Sox still haven’t won the world series, we’re just beginning to understand how much W fucked us and life was more simple (because I was in 7th grade).

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