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Harris’ Song of the Week: What’s This by Danny Elfman

Call me a dork, call me outdated or call me a child, but I simply can’t help the fact that I love classic Disney movies. A few weeks ago I finally got around to seeing Nightmare Before Christmas (Tim Burton). This movie was weaker than what I had expected but the music was simply amazing.

Although John Williams is my favorite American movie composer, Danny Elfman was simply amazing as the singing voice of Jack Skellington. This song was my favorite, as it combined awesome visual elements with an enchanting Christmas song. The idea of Jack walking through this new village seeing Christmas for the first time is a really fun concept.

American’s think that everyone knows what Christmas is all about, but this scene really depicts its deepest roots, and how an outsider may view this festive holiday. Although Christmas is over, and I am (as always) questioning if I am actually Jewish (I love Christmas music), I have found a new song to add to my December playlist.

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  • Comment by Cassie The Venomous posted January 05, 2009 at 18:00

    Danny Elfman is a fabulous composer, and is very inspiring. Recently, “Nightmare Revisited” an album of Nightmare Before Christmas songs covered by modern artists was released, and just shows the passion some people have for the film and for Danny Elfman’s compositions.
    Also, Avenged Sevenfold showed their love for Elfman in the song “A Little Piece of Heaven” from their 2007 album. The production of the song is inspired by Elfman’s signature style. Granted the song is about killing, necrophilia, and the rising dead, but it (all 8 minutes) is worth checking out anyway.