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Best of 2008 Part II

In my best of 2008 part II we will take a look at my favorite concerts of 2008. This year I went to more concerts than any other year to date. I count about twenty concerts so far in 2008 and it is tough to pick my favorites. Here goes nothing.

1. Billy Joel at Shea Stadium
This year, although I want to a lot of concerts, but number one on the list is easy. Billy Joel performed at Shea Stadium (Home of my New York Mets) in what would be the final concert ever at the historic venue. It was great to see Billy at the place where Paul, John, Ringo and George had performed over 50 years earlier. This quickly moved close to the top of my favorite concerts ever, and easily sits atop of 2008. To read more about this click here

2. Maroon 5 at Jones Beach
When you see a band you have never seen before, its best to do so at a great venue. Lucky for me the pairing of Maroon 5 and Jones Beach was just that. Although I had always enjoyed Maroon 5 I never had the opportunity to see them. Paired with Sara Bareilles and Counting Crows, this show was saved by an amazing Maroon 5 show, while Counting Crows brought the value down. The show had all the elements, awesome crowd, amazing light show and a vocal performance by Adam Levine.

3. Panic at the Disco at Roseland Ballroom
As I’ve said before, Panic at the Disco solidified their place in the alternative world with not only a solid album, but a great tour to support that album. Panic’s lead singer Brendon Urie is one of the better live vocalists I have seen and their stage show is entrancing. The group followed up this tour by co-headlining with Dashboard Confessionals and have continued their push for stardom.

4. Steve Miller Band at Radio City Music Hall
Just like Shea Stadium, this was a unique concert for me as it was my first concert experience at Radio City Music Hall. Making it even better was the performers onstage. Joe Cocker was followed by Steve Miller, a lineup that is legendary in the music business. Steve Miller puts on an amazing show, blending his classic songs with some funky new twists. If you get the chance to see them (they seem to tour every single year), do it!!

5. Ben Folds at Terminal 5
Another artist I had never seen, and another venue I had never visited. My first experience at Terminal 5 was awesome. Ben Folds is an amazing performer, telling stories about each song, and captivating his audience like no other artist does. Although he performed almost exclusively songs from his newest album (“Way To Normal”), the audience didn’t seem to care. They were infatuated with his lyrics, stories and dazzling piano skills. For more about this show click here

6. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones at Starland ballroom
7. Boys Like Girls at Roseland Ballroom
8. The Fratellis at Webster Hall
9. Hanson at Webster Theatre (For more about this show click here)
10. Sare Bareilles at Webster Theatre (For more about this show click here)

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  • Comment by David posted December 24, 2008 at 11:53

    haha, i didn’t go to a single one of those…

  • Comment by Greg posted January 02, 2009 at 11:26

    lies, bosstones at starland wasnt their best concert of the year, and clearly shouldnt be posted as so on the blog, it should read bosstones at toads place at #3 (a couple of those top 5 are garbage)