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What To Expect

Following in the footsteps of greatness is never easy. There can be monumental failures and as always a few will survive. No one knows this task better than a little California group known as Green Day. They have released seven studio albums in there 15+ year career as a band. Coming in 2009 we will have album number nine.

What we can expect from Green Day is the big mystery. They will follow up the amazingly successful ‘American Idiot,’ with a new still un-named album. More than a decade ago this same band faced the same situation, trying to write an album following the blow up of ‘Dookie.’ In 1995, just a year or so after ‘Dookie,’ the band released ‘Insomniac.’

To me we can look into the past and really see the future for Green Day. We know they are no longer the garage punk rockers but they do have some trends. ‘Insomniac,’ was quite similar to ‘Dookie,’ in that it was filled with quick punk rock songs. All of the songs had there moments but overall the album was similar to ‘Dookie.’

Is this any indication that we are looking at ‘American Idiot,’ Part II? Well yes. Green Day is not going to take off the makeup, they’re not going to stop selling out stadium, and they are not going to stop making fun of George Bush. Similar to what ‘American Idiot,’ did in standing up to George Bush, I think this new album will do well in standing behind Barack Obama.

‘Dookie,’ was great, ‘Insomniac,’ was good, ‘American Idiot,’ was great, what will the next album be?

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