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Shenanigans, Copyrights, and Coldplay

Anyone who knows me personally knows that the only thing I hate more than peas is Coldplay. For some reason I just don’t see them as being that good. I’m sure if I saw them live my opinion would change but as it stands now, there just not for me.

Regardless of my taste for piano pop, I just read an article in in which it told about Joe Satriani and his lawsuit against Coldplay over the song “Viva La Vida,” and how it shared the melody of Joe’s “If I Could Fly.”

So being me, how could I pass up this opportunity to further ridicule Coldplay? Well its because Joe Satriani is full of shit. Copyright is there to protect people who steal other artists work. Problem here is that the songs sound nothing alike. There is clearly no intention by Coldplay to copy Joe’s less than hit song. So despite my urge to hate on Coldplay, in this situation Joe is dead wrong.

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