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Something New to Listen To

Everyone gets tired of listening to those same 100-4000 songs on their iPod’s. I want to help you find some new music to fill your music players with. Last night I attended a concert at The Space which I was visiting for the first time. The show was headlined by Doublethink with some other local bands filling the opening spots. To me, the show was stolen by Readymade Breakup a group from New Jersey.

This group blends a mix of sounds such as Tom Petty, The Beatles (who doesn’t) and JET, into a really pleasant unique sound. The set opened slow but quickly picked up with songs such as “Surrender,” and “Ugly.” Although at times there was an excess of talking in between songs, the group was extremely tight and has some really amazing recordings.

By far the best part of the show for me was a song called “Back to the Bubble,” which is an extremely catchy tune with great guitar riffs and insane lyrics. This song reminds me of Barenaked Ladies meets JET.

The Highlights:
-Excellent Harmonies
-Excellent, Captivating, Upbeat Show
-”Back to the Bubble” (My favorite recorded and live song, definitely check it out on iTunes or elsewhere)

The Misses
-Although “Quiet,” was an excellent song, it seemed a little to slow compared to the rest of the show
-Could of started with a bigger bang

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