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Storm vs. G-1 vs. iPhone

My weakest connection of the month is as follows: this post pertains to music because almost everyone I know in the music business now has a blackberry or other “smartphone.”

On a recent, and ridiculously long trip to my local Verizon Store I had the chance to play with Blackberry’s “first ever touchscreen phone.” I want to be the first to tell you that this could be the most poorly designed device every conceived on planet earth. Earlier in the year I wrote a review describing my experience with the G-1 (The Google Phone by T-Mobile). I said that it was good, but did nothing to put itself above the raining champ, the iPhone.

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The G-1 makes this phone look like a fisher price toy. The clickable screen could not be more confusing (especially to anyone who has ever used a “real” touchscreen phone), and the operating system is extremely slow. Of course after taking the 4 1/2 minutes I needed to convince myself this was the worst phone ever, I sat down in the store and played with my iPhone for the next hour.

I just hope that this message reaches you in time before you go out and make the mistake of thinking that Blackberry could even come close. If you think that I am full of shit and that the Storm is really good, you A. Have never used in iPhone B. Have never used the G-1 or C. Have motor control that rival nuclear physicists (the amount of skill it takes to operate this flawed technology).

Here it is in a nutshell:

Storm: Worst technology disaster of the year
G-1: A very solid phone lacking some features (and tied to T-Mobile)
iPhone: Everything you could want in a smartphone

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  • Comment by Anonymous posted December 06, 2008 at 11:48

    You should correct your post because the iPhone is tied to Cingular/ATT not G1, the G1 is a T-mobile phone but I don’t know what happened to the open-source nature they claimed.

  • Comment by Anonymous posted December 30, 2008 at 00:33

    Try a Storm with an updated version of the OS. Smooth as hell. Apps are still better on an iPhone, but the AT&T network is awful (how many dropped calls you had on your iPhone this week?) and the browser is virtually indistinguishable from Apple's. The scroll is still cooler on an iPhone as well, but the email is much easier to deal with on a Storm. And oh yeah, you can actually send texts with pics and attachments in them – what was Apple thinking there?

    I think the iPhone is a great phone, and if it were available for Verizon, I think it'd be on par or have a slight edge on the Storm. Believe me, I HATED the Storm when it first came out. The OS was bugggy, and the people who try the phones out at the store beat the hell out of them. A properly functioning Storm is a great phone.