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Selling Out and "The Rock Bible"

I am in music school. What does this mean?
A. I am surrounded by musicians who all think they are better than you.
B. I am surrounded by teachers who all think they are better than you
C. I am surrounded by students who think radio is the devil and that music played there is trash

These people are also the ones who believe in the idea of “Selling Out,” a concept that I just cannot grasp. Although I could rant for another 982398474 pages about this subject, close examination of what is now my favorite book ever written sums it up best. “The Rock Bible,” a book (or bible) by Henry H. Owings discusses many of the cliches involved in the music industry. In his chapter all about the band itself he states “225. A ‘sellout’ is someone making more money than you.”

This rule #225 is exactly the idea I would try to sum up, and could not of stated better if I had tried. Selling Out simply means that they are doing better than you, thus the reason “Musicians,” dislike them. Henry you just helped me solve one of the big problems in life, thank you.

Among other awesome quotes from this book: “215. Getting a ‘buzz’ in any city that is not New York or London usually means the end of the band’s career is near.” This book is a must read if you are a musician or aspiring in any part of the music industry, it will make you laugh out load for real (not the fake lol that we all overuse online).

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