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New Killers Album Has Something For Everyone

Just like the last two Fall seasons, this one is complete with early Christmas shoppers, creepy older men dressed as Santa Clause and yes, another album by Las Vegas rockers The Killers. Their latest release ‘Day & Age’ is a really solid collection of songs that pay tribute to their past while looking towards the future.

The Killers are arguably began the trend of blending high powered electronica with rock into a perfect blend of dance music and head banger hits. What started with the Killers, has now turned into MGMT and The Ting Tings. Of course they were not the first band to do this, but the first since they emergence of Emo as a genre.

‘Day & Age’ has an incredible dance feel that some of the previous releases lacked. Sam’s Town (2006) and Hot Fuss (2004) were both filled with a variety of songs but were really all about the singles. Sam’s Town showed that the band could put together a successful album, and ‘Day & Age,’ will help push The Killers further into the skies.

The opening track of the album “Losing Touch,” is an incredible song that blends classic Killers vocals with ska, electronica, and jazz. This is followed by the albums first single “Human,” which might be the best single ever done by the group. Among the notable songs to note are “The World We Live In,” in which front man Brandon Flowers does his best Bono impression and “Joy Ride,” which is a pleasant mix between old style Killers and classic motown.

Overall this album is their second best. It is behind Sam’s Town, but ahead of Hot Fuss. Sawdust (2007) does not count because it was simply a collection of B-Sides which I didn’t care for.

Key Tracks To Check Out: Losing Touch and Spaceman
Losing Touch is a great opener for the album and Spaceman is a classic Killers song that is sure to be the 2nd single.

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