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The Honda Civic Tour Leaks!!

So I am sitting here on my iPhone and just realized that the Honda
Civic Tour has not been publicly announced yet. Lucky for all you
loyal readers I don't mind sharing the secret with you.

According to my sources, The All American Rejects will be headlining
the tour with Jacks Mannequin in support. The All American Rejects are
an enigma to me. The write amazing, epic singles yet when push comes
to shove they don't sell concert tickets.

On a recent tour through Connecticut they stopped at Toads Place, a
second rate venue where most major tours can generally sell out. All
American Rejects did not even come close. Needless to say AAR will
need this successful summer tour to save their musical careers.

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  • Comment by Anonymous posted January 24, 2009 at 11:36

    It doesn’t matter if they sell out or not. They have several fans that will back them up no matter what. They care about the music, not how to make music that sells out.
    And, just so you know, I went to the concert at Toad’s Place and it was full so don’t write about things you don’t know.