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Google G1 is All Hype (And It Won’t Rattle the iPhone)

On a recent outing to the mall I was unfortunate enough to stumble into a T-Mobile Store. Being an employee of the retail branch of Apple Corporations I am very observant of subpar sales teams. Just wanted to mention that upon entering the store and requesting to see the phone, it took a sales person who was not good at talking about a minute in a store that could of fit in most people bathrooms, to find me a phone.

Upon finally obtaining the phone it was not blatantly easy to use. It was a little tricky to figure things out but after a few seconds I got the hang of it. It is a very cool little phone, and it does work really well. Unfortunately, as good as Googles new phone operating system works, Apple has already done this, over a year ago. The keyboard is the only defining characteristic of the G1, which separates it from the iPhone.

If this phone were released during 2006, it would of been the greatest phone on the market, but someone has to be first, and it wasn’t Google, or T-Mobile, it was Apple. The phone has very similar functionality to the iPhone, albeit a much more bland design. The iPhone is supposed to be sleek, the G1 is supposed to be functional. The problem, the iPhone is both.

Again nothing against the G1, but the iPhone simply beat them to the punch, and with a much better sales force in place, they will win this round in the smartphone olympics.

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  • Comment by Melanie posted November 15, 2008 at 17:21

    You Apple users are such elitists :P