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Blackbirds Singing in the Dead of Night

To me, writing is not a forced application created by teachers and tests. It is something that you have to want to do and can only do under the correct set of circumstances. Tonight was one of the best nights as a writer I have ever had. I just felt the need to share this.

After returning from a movie with some friends I sat down at my computer feeling the impending pressure of a paper due in about a week. Although I knew I had time, I am unable to write without wanting to write. Something within me has to turn on and at about 10:30 pm on Wednesday, November 12th, that switch was flicked. For some reason I was ready to write.

Besides a few momentary breaks in which I flipped through a book, grabbed a drink or searched on a website, I spent the better part of the next three hours with my fingers glued to my keyboard. My paper was on The Beatles and by the time I had stopped typing I had completed almost six pages (single spaced) of writing.

This was all done while listening to Beatles music which set the mood perfectly. Overall this was a great night and if I have anything to pass on from nights like these its don’t try to write just because you have to. You have to feel it, if you don’t you’ll never write anything worth your time.

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    Take these broken wings and learn to fly.