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Harris’ Song of the Week: Love Song by Sara Bareilles

As is almost always the case as you may of noticed by now, my song of the week once again comes from an artist that I saw this week. Although the review for it is not yet up, the picture are and let me tell you, Sara B. is not only really talented but she is gorgeous. In person she is truly amazing looking, and it also happens to be awesome that she rocks.

Although I was pressured into picking a more b-side song, I can’t deny my true feelings. I really just love this song, which was the way almost all music fans were introduced to Sara about two years ago. Just in case you were not aware, which I wasn’t until just a few days ago, “Love Song,” was actually a free single of the week on iTunes back in June of 2007. Was anyone else aware of this? That is how we actually met Sara Bareilles and have since fallen for her (in every way).

Although it was a tough choice, “Love Song,” is a really great combination of catchy lyrics and an extremely hummable chorus that anyone can sing along to. If you have never heard of Sara B. which is very unlikely, go download this song and then realize that you have heard this song before. After that, go back and download her entire album titled ‘Little Voice.’ This girl is well worth your time, and in my opinion will be one of the artists that helps bring music into the next generation.

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    I’m jealous