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Just thought of playing a fun game. You should play along. Go through your music library (I’ll assume its your iTunes library) and pick your favorite artists for each letter of the alphabet (“The” can be eliminated). Also I have noted which letters were especially hard. Here goes nothing:


The Beatles

Charlotte Sometimes

Dropkick Murphy’s


F (Very Hard)
Fall Out Boy

Green Day


The Impossibles


Kanye West

L (Very Hard)
Lucky Boys Confusion

Maroon 5


O.K. Go

Panic at the Disco


Reel Big Fish

S (Very Hard)
Streetlight Manifesto

Tenacious D

Uncle Kracker (Yes I hate U2 that much)

Van Halen

W (Hard)
The Who


Zolof The Rock and Roll Destroyer

3 Doors Down

Notice that missing from this list is the X. There are no artists in my library with this as a starting letter. I am curious to know which letter is the hardest for you. For me it is deffinetly “L,” with bands like The Loved Ones, Led Zeppelin, Less Than Jake, Lily Allen, and Linkin Park.

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  • Comment by katy posted November 06, 2008 at 20:51

    aw i wanna play!

    a-the avett brothers
    b-the beatles
    c-coconut records
    d-the decemberists
    e-elliot smith
    f-the fratellis
    g-green day
    h-the hippos
    i-the impossibles
    j-jack johnson
    k-the killers
    l-lucky boys confusion i guess.
    m-modest mouse
    n-nightmare of you
    p-the postal service
    q-queen i guess
    r-reel big fish
    s-slighty stoopid
    t-tom petty
    v-vampire weekend
    y-ying yang twins
    z-the zombies

    so the hardest letters were:
    b was a bad letter–b52s, barenaked ladies, beach boys, beatles, ben kweller, blink, bob dylan, bob marley, & of course, britney.

    d was a 3 way tie-dispatch, death cab & the decemberists.

    f was tough too–flogging molly, the format, fountains of wayne, frank sinatra, franz ferdinand & the fratellis.

    j was bad, too…jack johnson, jack's mannequin, jason mraz, jet, john lennon & johnny cash.

    m's contenders were m.i.a., mae, maroon 5, me first & the gimme gimmes & modest mouse.

    o had a bunch: oar, oasis, ok go, old crow medicine show & ozma

    r..2 way tie–rbf & regina spektor

    s was super brutal: scouting for girls, slightly stoopid, sondre lerche, streetlight manifesto, sublime, sugarland & of course sweet catastrophe (haha).

    idk if we overlapped…this was soo fun!! <3

  • Comment by katy posted November 06, 2008 at 21:05

    also, that picture is letters from candy/snack food.

    bubblicious, eggos, m&ms, oreos, pez, reese's & starburst are the ones i recognize. hahaa

  • Comment by greg posted November 07, 2008 at 00:54

    right, so

    a- arctic monkeys

    b- b.o.t.a.r.

    c – Cat Stevens

    d – dispatch

    e – the eagles

    f – the fratellis

    g – the gorillaz

    h – hootie and the blowfish

    i – illinois

    j – jimi hendrix

    k – kansas

    l – led zepplin

    m – modest . . . no, the mighty, ugh tie? modes mouse and mighty mighty bosstones

    n – nirvana

    o – the offspring

    p – pink floyd

    q – queen

    r – red hot chili peppers

    s – sublime

    t – gotta go to kage and jables, tenacious D

    u – im gonna say unknown artists ranks higher than u2, so unknown gets it

    v – vampire weekend

    w – the white stripes

    y – yusef islam

    z – zz top

    # – 311

    The close races:
    b – b.o.t.a.r., black sabbath, blues brothers, blues traveler, bob marley, & the bouncing souls

    d – dispatch, dirty pretty things, dr. dre

    f – the fratellis, frank sinatra, foo fighters, flight of the conchords

    g – gorillaz, goldfinger, gnarls barkely, the greatful dead, and Gunther and the sunshine girls

    j – jack johnson, jimi hendrix, jethro tull, johnny cash

    l – led zepplin, lynyrd skynyrd, the libertines

    m – besides the two metioned mustard plug

    n – nirvana, and the neils, diamond and young

    p – pink floyd and pepper, that was tougher than i thought

    r – rhcp, reel big fish, rush

    s – the long list : sublime, streetlight manifesto, sondre lerche, scotty don't, slightly stoopid, snoop dogg, state radio

    w – the white stripes, weezer, the who, westbound train, the whiskey avengers

  • Comment by Anonymous posted November 08, 2008 at 19:29

    a – alanis morrisette
    b – backstreet boys
    c – colbie calleit/carrie underwood
    d – dave mathews
    e – eva cassidy
    f – five times august
    g – gavin degraw
    h – hanson
    i – uhhhhhh…
    j – john mayer/jack johnson
    k – katy perry
    l – LeAnn rimes (that’s a stretch)
    m – maroon 5/matt nathanson/michael buble
    n – norah jones
    o – oasis
    p – pussycat dolls/pink
    q – queen
    r – rusted root
    s – sara b
    t – taylor swift (another stretch)
    u – yea, i got nothing…
    v – vertical horizon
    w – whitney houston (lol)
    x – nada
    y – nada
    z – zac effron (what of it?)
    # – 3 doors down

  • Comment by Jimmy posted November 09, 2008 at 16:42

    (Non-classical; non-jazz)
    A – allman brothers
    B – b-52s
    C – cars
    D – doors
    E – emerson lake and palmer
    F – (Pink) Floyd
    G – grateful dead
    H – jimmy hendrix
    I – INXS
    J – Janis Joplin
    K – kinks
    L – Professor Longhair
    M – Bob Marley
    N – New Riders of the Purple Sage
    O – Outkast
    P – Parliament
    Q – Queen
    R – Rolling Stones
    S – santana
    T – Talking Heads
    U – U-Roy
    V – Velvet Underground
    W – Who
    X – “X”tra pick – Muddy Waters
    Y – Yes
    Z – Warren Zevon

  • Comment by Denise posted November 09, 2008 at 16:43

    A – Animals
    B – beatles
    C – CSNY
    D – Bob Dylan
    E – Eminem
    F – flying burrito brothers
    G – Green Day
    H – Honeydrippers
    I – Ice-T
    J – Johnny Cash
    K – Kinks
    L – Led Zeppelin
    M – Marvin Gaye
    N – Neville Brothers
    O – Ozzy osbourne
    P – Pink Floyd
    Q – queen (who else is there in “q’?)
    R – Rolling stones
    S – Sting
    T – George thorogood
    U – U2
    V – Van Halen
    W – Stevie Wonder
    X – Xanudu, The Musical (not really)
    Y – Yngwie Malmsteen
    Z – Ziggy Marley

  • Comment by nikki posted November 10, 2008 at 00:10

    a: animal collective
    b: bob dylan
    c: cobra starship
    d: death cab for cutie
    e: the early november
    f: forever the sickest kids
    g: glassjaw
    h: the hush sound
    i: interpol
    j: jack’s mannequin
    k: the killers
    l: lifehouse
    m: the maine
    n: new found glory
    o: owl city
    p: panic at the disco
    q: queen
    r: relient k
    s: the stating line
    t: taking back sunday
    u: underoath
    v: vampire weekend
    w: weezer
    x: xiu xiu
    y: yeah yeah yeahs
    z: zao
    #: 3oh!3

    the very hard decisions/runner ups were:
    b: brand new
    i: incubus
    j: john mayer
    m: maroon 5
    n: nightmare of you
    r: ratatat

  • Comment by paige posted November 10, 2008 at 00:10

    yay for music survey is my list!

    a-American Hi-fi
    b-the beatles
    d-dropout year
    e-elvis costello
    f-the format
    g-green day
    h-hit the lights
    j-jacks mannequin
    k-the killers
    l-led zeppelin
    m-mayday parade
    n-new found glory
    p-presidents of the united states of america
    r-relient k
    s-something corporate
    t-taking back sunday
    u-the used
    v-van halen
    w-waking ashland
    x-I dont have an X
    z-the zombies

    Okay..this was really hard because for most letters i have at least 3 bands that i love. with the exception of the end of the alphabet.

  • Comment by Melanie posted November 10, 2008 at 17:08

    A- Ace of Base
    B- Billy Joel
    C- Cartel
    D- Dashboard Confessional
    E- Elton John
    F- Fall Out Boy
    G- Goo Goo Dolls
    H- Hall & Oates
    I- Incubus
    J- John Mayer
    K- Kenny Loggins
    L- Lifehouse
    M- Maroon 5
    N- Nelly Furtado
    O- OK Go
    P- The Police
    Q- Queen (only one)
    R- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    S- The Starting Line
    T- Third Eye Blind
    U- Usher
    V- Vertical Horizon
    W- Wham!
    X- (don't have one)
    Y- Yellowcard
    Z- (don't have one)
    #- 3 Doors Down

    C, J, M, P, R, T and V were moderately annoying in a good way because I liked at least one other artist ALOT in those categories. My respective second favorites were: The Clash, James Taylor, Matchbox 20, Phil Collins, Rod Stewart, Taking Back Sunday, and Van Morrison.

    S was extremely hard for me. The Starting Line, Something Corporate, Sara Bareilles, Snow Patrol…

    Q sucked because I only had Queen and I'm not that crazy about them. Also, I didn't have X or Z.