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My First Favorite Song

Think back, right now. Digg through your memory banks and think of the first song you heard and said (out loud or to yourself) “this is my favorite song.”

I’m sure this exercise has the potential to get embarrassing but its fun, and really helps bring back old memories. I was driving in the car tonight when my song came pouring over “The Pulse,” (the Sirius station that plays 90′s music).

The song, ‘Jumper’ by Third Eye Blind. I was driving with a fellow music lover and proceeded to explain the song to her as only someone who called it their first favorite could.

I first heard this song back before MP3′s and even before CD’s and Wal-Mart’s ruled the music world. Back then you heard music in one of two places; the car radio or on your boom-box’s cassette player. Although I do not remember the first time I actually heard this song, I do remember owning the cassette single, which came in a slip off cardboard cover.

After ample searching I was unable to find a picture of the cover art, but rest assure, it was very 90′s.

So, why am I telling you about this? I think that your first favorite song is important, it shapes you, and it makes you remember the past. Every time I hear ‘Jumper,’ I remember the winter of 1998 (single released in November of 1998), and a time when things were not all about music, but just about having fun.

Being in the music business it is easy to loose focus on what your goals are, hearing this song always takes me back to knowing that I want to help the next generation find their first favorite song.

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  • Comment by Linguo posted November 03, 2008 at 12:36

    Ruff Ryder’s Anthem, DMX. I can’t remember liking a song so much earlier than that one. It was catchy, mentioned Yonkers, and was mainly about having close friends. I knew all the words, and impressed my friends when I rapped it out loud.

    I still love it, though it isn’t my favorite song anymore.