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Crazy Weekend Coming Up

This weekend is absolutely insane as I will partake in activities from my two major interests in life, music and baseball.

The first concert of the weekend is Hanson. This show is tonight (Wednesday) at Webster Theatre. Yes, this is the same Hanson who sings mmbop, no longer a group of young brothers, they are now married and grown up. They do still perform together and from what I’ve heard, are actually quite good. I’m skeptical but will definitely be intrigued.

After that I will be attending (and photographing and reviewing) the Scouting For Girls concert that I told you all about earlier this month (Show is on Thursday). This is an awesome band that anyone in the New York City area should really try to go see. They’re songs are extremely catchy and well written. Anyone who is going to come out, let me know.

Also this weekend is the second edition of the Hawks Nest Revival Tour (Show is on Friday). This is a show that I am personally running as part of CAT. This show will feature local rap and hip-hop groups from the New England area. Artists include SeeS, Ant Farm Affiliates and Big Nickel.

After that show I will be venturing back home and on Saturday will be attending the Long Island National Baseball Card Show with my brother, Avery. For those of you who are not aware, I am not only an avid music fan, but a collector and dealer of baseball cards (I know I’m a superdork).

So yea, thats my weekend; Hartford > New Haven > New York City > New Haven > Hartford > Westchester, NY > Hofstra University. I will try to post pictures from all of these events as the weekend moves along.

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